Type: Co-Educational
Nearest Airport: Heathrow
Nearest Station: Brighton

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About Brighton College

Brighton College

Brighton College is a leading independent schoolsk situated on the south coast in England. The Senior School caters for children ages approx. 11 to 18.
The Good Schools Guide called the school a Happy and forward-looking town school with a wide and healthy spread of pupils and parents, also stating: A good bet to become an even more impressive school in the future.

Brighton College has 11 houses which all serve a similar but different purpose. The houses are all split by gender, although staff of both sexes can be attached to any house. All houses contain between 48 and 70 pupils. The house system provides not only a framework on which sporting, music and other competitions can be formed, but also a core community for the children.

Courses Offered:

Seconary school
2 yr GCSE
A Level
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